• 25 Mar 2020

Dear Parent,

With schools closed and the entire country under lockdown because of the COVID-19(Corona Virus), and also with the uncertainty on the length of this lockdown, you may find yourself worried about the education of your child. But, keep in mind that these are extraordinary circumstances. Your safety and safety of your children and family is of utmost importance than anything else now. Keep yourself safe and stay indoors and follow the orders of the Govt strictly. I am sure that we as Indian society can fight this virus and emerge victorious if all of us stay home and safe.

Do not send your children out from home at any cost. The idea of being off school might excite them. However, this is not a vacation. Please explain to them the dangers of the Virus and the importance of staying indoors. Also, teach them proper hand hygiene. They might feel bored and restricted to stay at home all the time but it is unavoidable. We are here to help you manage them and make them use their time wisely.

As they say, learning is a continuous process, it is important for us as a school to make sure the learning does not stop for any student. Using our Adoption system and the power of technology, we will guide you and the student weekly by sending you worksheets/study material/homework and other resources via WhatsApp or email. You can always reach out to the principal in case of any assistance and we will be happy to help. We will ask the adoption teachers to be in constant touch with students and parents and make sure the process of learning continues. We will keep you posted about the updates regarding school reopening etc.

In a situation like this, parents are the teachers and the quality time you spend with your children responsibly plays a great role in shaping their future. Do not put too much pressure on the child as this scenario is new to them. Give them time to play indoors and let them do things at their own pace. Just provide them with the right motivation and support to study by explaining the importance of academics and education.

We are equally concerned about your child as you are, so give us an opportunity to showcase our commitment and dedication to the welfare of the student. Working hard during a crisis has become a habit for us. Nothing can stop us in achieving our goal of providing quality education to the student. We did it before and we will continue to do it even now. No matter what.

Thank you for your support at all times.

Management. Keshava Reddy Schools.


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